Piazza Firenze

01 Arimondi
02 Arimondi
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06 Arimondi Construction
07 Arimondi Project
08 Arimondi Construction
09 Arimondi Construction
10 Arimondi Construction
13 Ariomondi Trees
14 Arimondi B
15 Ariomondi B
16 Arimondi App B
18 Arimondi App B
19 Arimondi App B
20 Arimondi App B
21 Arimondi App B
22 Arimondi App B
23 Arimondi App A
24 Arimondi App A
25 Arimondi App A
26 Arimondi App A
27 Arimondi App C
28 Arimondi Garden
29 Arimondi Garden
30 Arimondi Garden



This Project is the complete renovation of an old little factory in the north west Milan.
The building was abandoned for few year and with the owner and some friends we rebuilt it completely from foundation to roof.
All façade has been insulated drastically and wide floor to ceiling windows has been installed.
The result is a 3 units dwelling surrounding a small hidden private garden.